Auto-join, always

Nov 30, 2023

If you are like us – chances are you are too late for virtual meetings often, too. Simply because you’re immersed in something and time just flies. We heard you on making louder and more intense notifications, but we actually think there’s something even better: auto-join.

We had this feature for a while, but you had to enable it for each meeting individually. We removed that and instead turned it into a feature that is just on or off for all your virtual meetings. We found that it completely removes anxiety to forget what’s next. You can manage the settings from the menu bar and in your Conferencing settings.

Other changes and improvements

  • Improvement: FocusGuard blocks are now saved as real Google ‘Focus time’ events. We are working on unlocking custom focus time events for manual blocking too.

  • Improvement: sometimes the hovercard for events didn’t show up anymore, it now always will

  • Improvement: dragging around events will show an outline of where the event will go, which makes it more friendly to the eyes and has the additional benefit of skipping a lot of calculations – dragging is now a lot smoother for busy calendars

  • Improvement: even though Rise was already fast, we spent time improving rendering speed of calendars with a lot of events which especially influences the month view

  • Fixed: in some cases, when using another third party calendar service, our cross-calendar blocking could result in a loop. We fixed a bunch of cases and added guards in place to catch those loops faster now.

  • Fixed: events and month names rendered incorrectly when no locale is set for user

  • Fixed: the new event creation animation, when using Meet F or New event N is really slow