Cross-calendar Blocking

Aug 2, 2023

Cross-calendar blocking automatically marks that appointment at the dentist from your private calendar as "busy" in your work calendar, for example. This will prevent you from being double booked and will not require any manual work after setting it up. The exact details of your appointment will not be shared, your teammates will just see you're busy.

How do I enable cross-calendar blocking?

  • Open Settings by pressing G then S on the keyboard

  • Navigate to Calendars

  • Select the calendar you like to copy events from (e.g. your private calendar) and the destination calendar (e.g. your work calendar)

  • From now all events (that are marked as busy) will be blocked off in the destination calendar

We're on a mission to give teams more control over their schedule, and believe this to be another great step in that direction.

Other improvements

  • If your flexible meeting moved to another day you'll now also see a preview of changes in your email

  • Rise Meet is more reliable and will no longer return a timeout when using with many teammates

  • Added a gorgeous animation to an event schedule with Rise Meet to improve its visibility

  • When viewing your colleagues calendar you'll now be able to distinguish events that do not influence their availability making it easier to schedule

  • Added an animation to the calendar view if you navigate to another week using the keyboard or buttons

  • You can now make a meeting repeat on the same date every month (e.g. every month on the 28th)


  • For some people the UI was glitching after we released continuous scrolling

  • Sometimes the action menu for the meeting participants did not show up

  • Best time to meet suggestions show up again after you change weeks you have in

  • The app no longer crashes when you move a meeting to the all-day section