Cross-calendar blocking, only within working hours

Oct 26, 2023

Cross-calendar blocking helps you to navigate a life where not everything happens in a single calendar, by automatically keeping those events synchronized. By default Rise will copy over any event, but now you can change it so it will only block events that happen during your working times. This will remove any copies of private events that happen in your evenings and weekends, which keeps things clean. Additionally you can also customize the title for the copies Rise makes to make it more informative to your teammates.

Other improvements

  • The month indicator now also shows two months if you happen to have multiple months into a single view

  • We improved contrast in the calendar view to make text easier to read in both light and dark mode

  • FocusGuard emails now contain correct deeplinks to the relevant settings page

  • You can now set the default duration for new events in Rise

  • In your profile you can now see with which email address you’re signed in and you can edit your last name

  • When switching your active calendar (where new events go as you click) we show a toast so you’re aware of your switch

  • We added a search button to the navigation so it’s a bit easier to discover that actually have the feature


  • Adding an invalid custom conferencing solution link does not show an error to the user

  • If you create a working location event and click away, the event would stick around

  • The initial FocusGuard analysis would sometimes run twice for new users, resulting in two emails. Unharmful but very annoying.

  • If you add a group as an attendee, we now instantly show availability for group members

  • In some cases a flexible event does not show what is optimized

  • When you have Rise open and the date changes, the today indicator does not change

  • Yearly all-day events for birthdays do not render on the correct date

  • If you create a one-off scheduling link with custom slots, it should not skip slots that are happening in the next 4 hours (which is the default for our normal scheduling links)