Extensive Google Group support

Aug 24, 2023

This one has been requested many times, we can finally share that we now have full support for Google Groups! This means that you're able to add a Google Group email as an attendee, but also see the response status of the individual group members. Also, if you added a group to a flexible meeting we consider the schedule of all the group members when finding a better slots for the events.

Other improvements

  • We now also show blocking all day events in the teamlist

  • We added a few hints (e.g. to the teamlist section) to better explain how they work

  • You can now set a custom duration when using meet (e.g. 31 minutes)

  • We've been finetuning a lot of steps in the onboarding flow

  • We added cross-calendar blocking to the steps of the onboarding


  • Some public and birthday calendars were not synced correctly with Google

  • You were getting an error when going to settings without being logged in

  • Our desktop app crashed on Linux, can be solved by upgrading to v1.18.0

  • Information about a flexible move in the hover card was sometimes empty

  • Enabling/disabling cross-calendar blocking was not immediately reflected by the toggle