Optional attendees

Sep 28, 2023

You can now mark attendees to meetings as optional. You know the drill.

Other improvements

  • Our rendering of events was fast, but we tackled the biggest calculations to make it even smoother, especially with a lot of events


  • The last version of the Rise desktop app now no longer eats up gigabytes of memory when you are using the Menu bar (sorry about that one)

  • Toasts (the in-app messages that appear in the bottom center) now also correctly appear on top of the settings screen

  • In a specific scenario when using Reschedule Rise would crash

  • Long calendar names would run out of the event hovercard

  • If you use a default conferencing solution (like Google Meet or Zoom), you were not able to clear that option

  • It was possible to create an invalid event by putting the end time before the start time, this is now handled nicely