Search and Jump to Date

Jul 21, 2023

With a lot of things going on, it's useful to be able to quickly look up an event by title. You asked for it and now it's here: quick search. Access it by pressing /. Find it by typing 'Search' in the Cmd (or Ctrl on windows)+K command launcher.

Other improvements

  • When presenting meeting rooms while adding attendees to an event, we'll try to suggest a few rooms that are actually available

  • When an event contains a meeting room, we move it to the top of the attendee list as well as slightly change its appearance so it's easier to spot

  • Our scheduling engine now takes 'busy' all day events into account when finding a time, moving flexible events and when showing meeting slots in scheduling links

  • Ppreviously, flexible events would be rescheduled on a fixed time for all teams. This is now changed: we're calculating the most fitting timezone for your team and are moving events for the next working day at 16.00 hours. That gives us a good picture of what tomorrow looks like, and gives you enough time to get notified.


  • Jumping to the future or the past using jump to date (.) or via the datepicker on the top left would cause data in some weeks not to be loaded

  • Depending on the configuration of your menu bar app, the first event of the next day would not be highlighted

  • In some cases with recurring event exceptions, the incorrect status of a colleagues would be presented