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More time to get stuff done

Rise is a next-generation calendar that helps find time for what’s important.

Supercharge your week with our Scheduling Engine

Reclaim focustime and effortlessly find time to meet.

Design your perfect week, and make it happen

Guard your time with focus blocks that gradually get stricter on others when you run out of time.

Upgrade your week with a single click

Rise comes with a smart schedule analyzer that’s trained with the latest scientific insights and offers one-click improvements.

A calendar for work and everything else

Link multiple accounts and you’ll never miss an important meeting again. Also: no more double bookings.

Find the best possible time, easily

Rise checks availability, Blueprints, preferences and dozens of other signals for all attendees. Rise finds a time that works for everyone and maximizes time to focus.

Flexible events

Move around select meetings and tasks in a timeframe you pick to optimize your schedule.

Auto buffers

Automatically block off time in between meetings to decompress and get ready for the next one.

Team locations

See where everyone is located, what your team is working on and who’s available at a glance.

And that's not all

Use your keyboard to get things done fast

Everything in Rise is fully accessible through familiar and powerful shortcuts.

Turn your day into a checklist

First class support for tasks to get done what's most important.

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Join links

One click leads you where you need to be. There's a hotkey, too.

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We do the mind-twisting math so you don't have to anymore.

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Rise to Rise

Skip the dance and instantly find time with any other Rise user.

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