ProductMay 24th, 2024

Announcing Rise 2.0

First class support for Projects, Tasks, Outlook and brand new mobile apps

Rick Pastoor
Announcing Rise 2.0

Today, we’re launching Rise 2.0. This release adds the three features that were requested most: projects & tasks, mobile apps and support for Outlook.

It’s our mission to help you and your team have more time for what’s important. We already helped thousands of users with features like best time to meet, FocusGuard and our external scheduling links that highlight optimal times. We’re excited to introduce these three major additions and hope you’ll love them as much as we do.

Projects & tasks

Blocking off time for tasks is a battle tested way of getting things done. In Rise, you can now manage your tasks and projects within one app. Here’s what makes Rise Projects unique:

Seamless integration with your calendar

Inline tasks

In Rise you can create, modify and drag tasks around like any other event. Setting a due date on a task automatically makes it show up in the all day section, from where you can easily drag it into your schedule. You can also easily duplicate any task with Command+D (or Ctrl+D on Windows), or use Alt+drag to quickly create a copy of your tasks. This does not only work from the calendar, but from anywhere within Rise.

Meeting Boards help have more effective meetings

Meeting board

For any internal recurring event, you can create a Meeting Board from Rise with a single click. We'll make sure all attendees (and only they) will get access to that meeting board. In your calendar, you'll see that this event will now show an indicator of progress, highlighting how many open tasks there are left. From the board, you can easily add new tasks, assign them to the relevant participant and keep those items on track.

Take the guesswork out of who is doing what and when

Project overview

A lot of our time is spent in keeping different systems in sync. Managing deadlines and related meetings, copying things over from the team project management tool to your own calendar – not anymore. In Rise you'll have a complete picture of what's happening and updating tasks from your calendar will automatically update the relevant project board.

One view for focus

My Focus

Mapping out your day is a really powerful way to make sure you're prioritizing what is right. This is why we built My Focus: one page to look at and combine your key tasks with meetings that are coming up. It really quickly became our most favorite page in Rise and we hope you'll love it too.

Improving the calendar experience for Microsoft Outlook users


From the earliest days, we heard from teams using Outlook that they would love to use Rise. And we're very excited to share that this is now possible. You can sign in using your Microsoft account, and you'll be able to use Rise to do all the things you would normally do in Outlook. On top of that, you'll get the features that make Rise unique: you can use FocusGuard to dynamically protect your time, use cross-calendar blocking to keep your calendars up to date automatically and external schedulink links to let others book effortlessly.

Rise for iOS


Last but not least: Rise is now available on the go as well, with our app for iOS. Get it on the App Store. It sports multi day view, notifications, smooth scrolling and dragging and you're able to quickly copy your scheduling links. You're able to see your scheduled tasks too, and (slightly hidden).

And also important: our Android app is close behind. We're currently running a closed beta – leave your details here to sign up for the alpha version of Rise for Android.

We're a small team that believes well crafted tools can dramatically improve the way we do work and go about our lives. We hope you'll love this major release and are looking forward to hear your thoughts about Rise.

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